Insurance Verification

Efficient revenue cycle management requires “clean” claims. This requires good pre-claim processing, robust processes to ascertain eligibility verification and accurate interpretation of regulations.

What are clean claims?

At Global Healthcare Billing Partner, claims that are subjected to pre-submission verification ensuring the eligibility of the patient for the claimed benefit with complete documentation followed by timely payment are referred as “clean claims”. Our insurance verification team plays a major role in ensuring ‘’clean claims” and has delivered results for all new clients in the form of:

Marked increase in the number of clean claims


Steady and consistent improvement in accounts receivable cycles


Enhanced revenue generation, minimal denials and write-offs


Providing accurate eligibility and benefits information


Letting providers know whether a patient is eligible for a benefit before a service is rendered with absolutely reliable information and assessments.

At GHCBP a separate team is dedicated entirely for insurance verification. Patient records are examined meticulously to accurately determine patient eligibility. Accurate digital recording of patient information ensures flawless processing.

Our experienced team proactively follows up with insurance carriers to address all claims. Years of experience enable the GHCBP team to quickly resolve any claim related issues. Our streamlined process results in faster processing, short turn-around time and enhances revenue generation for clients.

Good co-ordination, a logical and a pro-active approach have made our verification team consistently successful. The AR analyst team is updated accordingly and team work becomes easy when every team is oriented to the goals of the organization. Our self-motivated, dedicated team members are the key strength of the organization. Each team realizes their individual role in optimum revenue cycle management.